MH370.. WHY MALAYSIA? part 1

9:48 PM

Assalamualaikum and hi.. Regarding the news yesterday, there are a lot of speculations, comments, opinions etc.. As a Malaysian, I'm so sad even though none of my family either relatives were in that plane.. I'm not following any news from the Facebook because I'm not the fan of Facebook anymore since I've deactivated it before.. so the only social media that I'm using to get more info is the Instagram.. Instagram and hashtag are buddies.. last night aku memang tak boleh tidoq thinking of the MH370.. so, tengah golek2 and force my brain to take rest, godek2 lah Insta.. godek2 kat #MH370 jumpa macam2 orang.. yang jenih pulun pun ada.. selfie pas tu tag #MH370.. ni kalau ada depan mata aku, aku star lite ja skali.. nak selfie, selfie lah.. tak payah nak hashtag sangat.. kejaq glam ka.. haish... tengah scroll, scroll and scroll jumpa yang ni..  see.. 6.42am and I'm still awake.. my eyes is still widely open.. kalau selalu, zzzzz.....

geram hokay.. slumber mak bapak dia ja cakap camtu.. Malaysia and US simpan rahsia? what type of truth? your country pun being involved to find that plane.. it's not just us.. almost 26 countries if I'm not mistaken... so, why did you put the blame on Malaysia? Is it because the plane was Malaysian? Is it? There is also Malaysian inside.. 25 of them.. And among the 25s, there is also Chinese.. Malaysian Chinese.. do you think we don't care about them? it was hijack rite.. did Malaysian do the hijack? if yes why he are putting himself in the terrible situation also.. geram sangat aku kat dia ni.. dia boleh cakap "Malaysia will gone in the hell".. mind your words.. respect others also.. it's not only your "ppl"... others also... by the way, aku tengok lagi IG dia tengah hari tadi.. but the comments were deleted.. pasepa nak kena delete? skali komen matlutfi dia delete.. patotla si matlutfi ni cakap camtu... at the moment aku tak paham.. but then, I understand... sebaek aku sempat screenshot.. to the public, please don't hurt MH370 family feelings anymore.. they suffer so much losing their loves one.. don't make them suffer much.. they need support and your prayer.. not your stupidos judging.. please respect them.. respect their family.. if you need that, so, give it to others also... keep on praying..

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