5 Small Bedroom Ideas For A Big Impact

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After a longgggggg break, here I am again. I''ll start my work with sharing some great ideas with you guys !

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Let’s set up the situation. You might have found a property for rent but are appalled at the tiny bedroom. You might have bought your first home but are struggling with getting the most out of your space. You might have chosen a property with a larger living room space, and the trade-off is that it comes with a smaller bedroom. Whatever the case may be, your bedroom, however small it is, deserves more than a lackadaisical attempt at decorating. Even if you don’t think you have enough bedroom to work with, there are always good ideas to prove that small spaces can still be stylish and beautiful.

So, here are five small bedroom ideas to help you on your way to creating a bedroom space that may be small in square-footage but is definitely big in style.

1. Keep colors light and bright

Light and bright colors help give the perception of more space. The color white is an expansive and practical color choice,especially when you are designing for smaller spaces. However, this also depends on your choice of décor. All white spaces can sometimes look too stark and crisp if you have a minimal amount of furniture. In these cases, you can consider other shades of white such as cream and ivory. You can go even further outside of off-whites and go for a neutral beige or greige color palette. These lighter colors keep your space from looking too busy or boxed in, combating the absence of large wall space and brightening up the space. 

You can also consider combating the starkness of an all-white or off-white space by layering your space with furniture and textiles of different textures. This helps prevent your bedroom from feeling too cold, clinical and just plain void of any personality. Sometimes, even the simple addition of a patterned throw-blanket or some zesty cushions can take your white-toned room from sterile to stylish in an instant.

2. Push your bed up against a corner

Most pictures of bedroom décor would have the bed centered on the wall with nightstands on each side. However, this conventional décor idea does not work as well in small spaces. In small spaces, the narrow floor plans and limited leg room thuscalls for a deviation from this formula.

You should tuck your bed up against a wall, or in a corner of your room. This inevitably helps maximize your visible floor space, freeing up square-footage and bringing together larger pieces of space that would have been divided up and wasted had your bed been conventionally centered. This also creates a sleeping area (or a sleeping nook) in your bedroom that is imbibed with a warmer and cozier ambience. 

However, do be careful with your arrangement of your bed and bedroom furniture, lest your bedroom start looking more like a college dorm room. If this is the case, you can consider customizing your bed with a two-headboard corner system to help lend a more adult-oriented vibe to your bedroom, bringing it from college-inspired to adult-appropriate.

3. Skip the bulky bed frame

When dealing with limited square-footage, sometimes even a few inches of extra space can make a big impact. You need to free up all available space you can in your small bedroom, so part ways with the bulky bedframe. Replace your footboard-style bed frame with a simple bedframe with just a modern headboard. You can also opt for a bed frame that is empty underneath in order reduce the visual weight of the bedframe. These small change does wonders in freeing up visual as well as actual space.

If you want to a step further, you can even opt for a Hollywood-style frame that just supports the bottom of the bed and goes no further, eschewing the traditional footboard and headboard. You can balance out the starkness of this type of bedframe with some interesting artwork placed in the space above your bed.

4. Add storage under the bed

Having a bedframe that is empty underneath helps set you up for further space-saving success. Adding some creative storage solutions under your bed can help you increase your storage space in your bedroom. It helps utilize space that would otherwise be wasted, while keeping your floorspace as clutter-free as possible.

You can consider a bed with drawers underneath for the extra storage space. Otherwise, you can just add decorative bins under your bed to serve the same purpose. You can even opt for something unconventional like milk crates and woven baskets that adds storage space, hold up well and looks great while doing it.

5Embrace minimalism

You can combat your lack of space by embracing the philosophy of less is more. Of course, when you have less clutter, you automatically have more empty space. Paring down your bedroom to the bare essentials not only adds space to your bedroom, it also helps you keep the focus on your favorite pieces. Place the focus of your space on the bed and reduce the clutter by keeping furniture pieces and accessories down to a minimum. 

If you have the budget, you can consider adding in some sleek, contemporary looking built-ins for additional storage. This helps maximize storage while taking up as little visual space as possible. You can even paint it to make it look like a part of your wall to hide it. A good built-in around your bed’s headboard thus creates an invisible storage solution while still maintaining the look and feel of a cozy sleeping nook.

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