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So, you want to put up your house in Taman Desa for sale but you want to refurbish the kitchen, in hopes that your property value will increase.But then again, you are not so sure what is the latest design of the kitchen it should be. There is a movement happening right now and we are thankful that the colour scheme is not black. While younger generation house owners these days may prefer black as black is the new pink and there is no denying that matte black for kitchen design is still the ‘in’ thing.

The colour of the kitchen makes up mostly from the coloured cabinetry which explains the kitchen’s largest surface area. Though it may somewhat sound crazy that people would be so bold to opt for colour in their cabinetry (which to change up is an expensive project) but with more home inspiration ideas easily found on the internet, pretty sure you can gain confidence design choices. Here are some of the colours you could get it done up for your kitchen.

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Navy blue
Let’s be honest, navy blue should be consider or categorise under the same basket of neutral colours. Navy has been proven to stand the test of time and is also the most popular colour hue on the colour palette.

For the most part, choosing a colour meaning you will be restricted to a painted kitchen as opposed to laminate it. However, if your laminate suppliers are coming to the party by expanding their colour ranges, so do not be surprise if you find a navy laminate that you love. You could take cues from the classic design, a rich navy that is also beautiful in the form of shaker-style door fronts and despite the origin, you can be absolutely sure that it can be applied to a modern home. Here is some tips for navy combination: to elevate the kitchen’s elegance, use the colour combination of navy, marble and brass.

Powder blue
This underrated hue strikes in any form of cabinet profile and then pairing it with whites and timbers is a match made in heaven. It is important to spend time exploring your options to absolutely nail the right shade. We suggest to look for a colour that is calm and soothe for the eyes. Besides, also ensure that the colour isn’t too bright to avoid too much bright lights or reflection.

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While it is observed that the colour ‘green’ is hot and in trend right now but like a muted blue. Yet, opting for green could lead to the success of your kitchen. This shows that the hue colour is leaning towards the gentle shades of olive, green forest, sage and peppermint. However, if you are tempted with the idea of using the greens but not sure about taking the plunge, it is perfectly acceptable to forge ahead with the lower bank of kitchen cabinets and opting for white or timber grain for your overheads.

Pastel yellow
While pastel is the in colour now, how could we forget the yellow for pastel series. Not only it is bright and chirpy but it has a softer tone instead of the bold one. There are couple of directions you can go, from ‘country cottage’ theme to ‘industrial chic’ depending on the theme you would like to go along.

Do remember that yellows have more brown in them as opposed to green. Work with wood accents and avoid yellows that resemble mustard and opt for shades or combinations that are warm and soothing or bright and happy.

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While orange can be associated with the funky mood but it can be use in the kitchen with the right colour hues or combinations. With it being the warm colour category, you could pair it with grey, this neutral colour has enough interest to stand on its own. When the two colours are paired, the kitchen comes alive.

Though it is safe to say that black, white and grey with timber grains that will forever remain in the kitchen colour palette of your choice. This is largely due to most renovation is encouraged to see something different or expect kitchens testing the waters more in the coming years.

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