STRONGER is the key

1:13 PM

sebenarnya kan.. sebenarnya kan.... hurmh.. how to say..? how to start... I need someone to be able to lend her/his shoulder... I think I shoudl talk to my parents.. but I don't want them to know that I'm in that situation..

all I want to show is the happy me.. nothing depressed me.. but deep inside.. only He knows.. I just need someone to let it go... and I choose you... 

Ya.. dekat Dia pun aku dah mengadu.. it just I want someone yang boleh memaniskan hati aku even aku tahu yang aku tengah sedut sekarang too sour... too bitter...

I just want someone to know that I'm sad and others around me shouldn't know about this.. I'm stronger at outside but not really stronger inside.. but I should let myself be stronger inner and outer ~

And I want "YOU" to know that you'll never gonna let me down! ever..!! NEVER!!!!

I hold you that's why I can still smile ... 

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  1. Be strong, Firah!
    If u ever need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to just listen to your problem,...akak's here :)

    1. Thank you Kak Farrah ~

      end up with smile... alhamdulillah ~

  2. kalau kita fikir kita kuat, kita pasti kuat. ^_^

    1. Tengah pikir cam tu lah.. tanak kalah dgn situasi...

  3. Bertabahla firah.. ramai yg sudi menjadi bahu tok firah.. smoga lebih kuat tok tempuh ape je yg mndatang isnyaallah

    1. Good too see you again mummy.. insyaallah.. semoga diberi kekuatan untuk menepub hari esok... huweee


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